Am I crazy?

Am I crazy?  Or just crazy about fitness?

Having a traumatic brain injury from a car accident 17 years ago, has really affected my balance, coordination and has caused a slight delay in movements.  I’m always a second behind the rest of my Body and Soul fitness cardio and strength training class on the warm up routines.  I work on mimicking the instructors exactly,  but sometimes lose out due to the whole equilibrium thing or weight shifting.  It is challenging, although the women in the class don’t really pay attention, or my friend Joanna says that “it doesn’t matter if you get the moves right, just that you keep moving.”  Oh I keep moving, and sweating, sweating profusely.


DISCLAIMER: This is not an image from my class; it displays similarities (1)


This session is much more upbeat, quick and faster than the last session; upbeat with positions my body doesn’t instantaneously go into, so I look like “the odd man out” or I find myself behind the group a step or two.  The songs that the routines are coordinated to are fast moving Christian songs, and I do not move fast.

Last session, beginning when public schools start, [the class is comprised of stay-at-home moms with kids in school, and older women; I am the youngest in the class] was a longer number of sessions, and maybe it is because this session just started and I’m not one to pick up moves quickly so perhaps I should cut myself a break.  But maybe not; I strive for perfection.

Looking at the start of this new year optimistically, at least I’m not falling all over the floor like what was occurring a few months ago.  I fell twice (!) in the same class!  I’m not talking about a little slip of balance, when I fell, I fell LOUDLY, and directly onto my butt almost doing a somersault.  The ladies in the class suggested that I buy new shoes with grippy soles; those old shoes had completely worn out soles from constant walking at the nursing home, and taking my cute little dog out on walks. 


Chazz Karst; sporting the fashionable hoodie coat that my sister in law just bought him

Sidenote: Chazz is another way that I stay in shape; as a gift for having more time off work, I decided to get myself a Fitbit, which I love. I love this activity tracker that clips onto a wrist because it helps inspire me to get moving.  I take Chazz out on more brisk power walks, and can even track vigorous playtime with Chazz, that burns more calories than ‘light, only active periods,’ hence the reason that I love taking care of my dog.

Once I had the shoe problem resolved, the next thing I did was tear the cartilage in my shoulder.  Stuck to the couch resting it for a few days, my doctor said that nothing more needed to be done as it was not bothering me.  I try to lay off the hand weights and do not over exert myself with the elastic band.  This class may sound like it’s not for me, but it meets twice a week, gets me out of my house, socializing and exercising.  I must admit, I am better at yoga; the poses are held in the same position for a minimum of 3 breaths and I am so much better at not moving, holding positions and  firming muscles.


My favorite yoga teacher began teaching again!  She conducts a fitness/ endurance form of yoga, than the type of class in which I prefer to the last yoga teacher that instructed the class that I participated.  My last yoga teacher did not create a relaxing atmosphere, she had written me a few nasty emails that were not calming NOR zen-like (isn’t that the purpose of yoga?); she started an Eastern type of monk throat moaning during savasana, which made me very uncomfortable.  All of this meditation/relaxation period was at the end of class, when it was dark outside and made me severely uncomfortable.  In my opinion, yoga is better done in the morning, to prepare one for the day.  However, I realize that this is not always possible with work schedules, and some people like the unwinding relaxation after a long day.  Once upon a time I also enjoyed the relaxation of an evening practice until I had a frustrating day, expressed my frustration into the beginning of class and was told by said teacher to “leave [my] shit outside the door with my shoes.”  But, in the spirit of trying to forget that experience and move on with another yoga class, this one on Saturday mornings.

Just breathe…
Just breathe…..
Just breathe…….

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A young professional Longwood University alum, with a traumatic brain injury having previously worked in the Therapeutic Recreation field with the elderly at nursing homes in Fairfax, VA. Now as a TBI advocate, trying to help others learn more about TBIs is involved in support groups, as well as very involved in my church, child care, and working part-time at a library
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