My story!

In September of 1997, I was involved in a terribl0e car accident the first Saturday after my junior year of high school had started.  This accident left me in a comatose state for 2 and 1/2 months,

Dad, me and Uncle Pat getting some fresh air; October 5, 1997

Dad, me and Uncle Pat getting some fresh air; October 5, 1997

So, here I am, having recovered miraculously from my TBI, and talking about the innermost ponderings inside of my head.

Check out
C’est la vie

for mor info about my car accident and (some of) the rehab!

I went on, after that, to graduate high school and then college [Longwood College! BS Therapeutic Recreation!]  After graduation, I immediately began looking for work; my first interview, I got hired at a nursing home conducting the activities programs on the Special Care Unit and loving the residents for 9 years.

Recently I stopped working at the nursing home and am taking a break to write, and collect my thoughts, exercise, read and crochet.  Chazz, my dog loves having me at home to pay him constant attention.




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