PREPOSTEROUS! says it- it must be true

I never thought I’d see Days of our Lives come to an end in my lifetime.


One of my favorite childhood memories are that of the summers when good friends from the swim team <Rollling Hills Swim Club Seahawks ROCK!> introduced me to this fabulous dramatic show.  This awesome soap opera  introduced to me in seventh grade, and the show has somewhat molded me into the person that I am today in many aspects.  Other blog posts that I’ve written, like the one about the tragedy of EJ DiMera express my love for the show.  Throughout all stages in my life, the one constant that I could rely on was Days of our Lives.  I would turn to the comforting faces when I was home sick from high school, in between classes at college and on days off of work from the nursing home.  Now that I work from home, I look forward to getting wrapped in their stories each day, (I’ve managed to ‘plan’ my lunch hour to include this program) to get my mind unattached from My reality and focused on the reality of small town Salem, USA.  it’s almost as if I’d be losing a good friend, one who was always available to chat about all the drama happening in Salem, to magically make me forget the stresses of my life- if only for an hour.  I’ll just chalk the demise of the best daytime television programming as another casualty of Trump’s America.  The apocalypse must be near.

<Could Beloved Soap Opera Days of Our Lives Be Canceled> (click for the article)





  1. contrary to reason or common sense; utterly absurd or ridiculous.


    “a preposterous suggestion”

    synonyms: absurdridiculousfoolishstupidludicrousfarcicallaughablecomicalrisiblenonsensicalsenseless,

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