Chilly Penguins


It is the beginning of Lent.

Danielle, Chazz and Matt in penguin form

Danielle, Chazz and Matt in penguin form

And yes, it is another snow day for many schools around the Northern VA area.  [2/18/2015]  Since FCPS is out, that means that even my church will not have Ash Wednesday services, like originally planned.
The Washington Post today’s main article is that Bostonians have 2 words for D.C.’s snow panicked folks: ‘Man up’  That’s totally true; they have about 6 feet with more expected.  My friend Jenny lives in Boston, and she says there’s no where to put it!  Flashback to winter of ’09 to ’10 in VA!  But we didn’t even have quite as much.

Jimmy Fallon was joking on The Tonight Show about how Boston was getting like 6 feet of snow and handling it, while Washington gets 6 inches and they declare a
Even Doug Kammerer on NBC Storm Team 4 states that in Washington we ARE scared of snow and I would only assume that he’s counting himself as a part of the community (I mean, he DID go to Woodson or Fairfax high school, or some where in our area!)

Just another  reason to get depressed is that BECAUSE OF THE LENTEN SERVICES (even more so that it’s a snow day) our Revelation Bible study has to be postponed.  That means snow yet again, is another downer.  We skipped getting out and being social on Sunday morning because we figured we could see people at church on Ash Wednesday.  Also because of the howling wind and the barometric pressure drastically falling the night before was making me incredibly dizzy and feel very loopy.  When I couldn’t sleep on Saturday night, I started looking on the internet if my deja’ vu feelings had anything to do with the weather, and found out by performing a google search that the weather pressures can trigger an oncoming seizure in some people.  (I have a seizure disorder due to a Traumatic Brain Injury that was sustained in high school.)  I didn’t have a seizure that day, I just felt like I would have a seizure (a loopy feeling).  Even before I had left the house that Valentine’s evening, I had a feeling of surrealism that made me stop what I was doing and pause for about 5 seconds.
The snow may have socially inhibited the past few days, preventing long walks outside and canceling events, but it is certainly NOT A total downer.  The quick snowfall on Saturday evening, the Valentine snow burst, was gorgeous.  We were meeting friends out to dinner, and just as we were leaving, the waitress told us to be careful driving home pointing outside and we see it is just like a winter wonderland!  It was so beautiful, oncoming continuous white flakes fluttering down from up above!

As I walk my dog in my knee high leopard print rain/snow boots through the piles of snow with the pavement not even showing, I think to myself, how is it possible that I can never get sick of this fluffy white stuff?  That is, until I slip on a spot of ice outside of my grocery store, get the wind knocked out of me throw my back out, and am confined to the couch…

skpeng(oh wait, that was last year).  I come back inside my nice warm house, sit by my nice warm fireplace, and am amazed at how frostbitten your toes and fingers get from just 10 minutes out there with an artic blast pushing all the cold weather out.  Every year I wear a snowflake necklace to urge the snow to come, never paying attention to the fallacies that have happened due to the snow of previous years.   When the snow begins, or the forecast is projected all over the media [Storm Team NBC4], there is a child’s sense of joy turning inside of me, like how a weekend is so much better than a weekday, even when you have to go to work.


So yes, it is another THANKFUL THURSDAY due to the weather.

About Danielle!

A young professional Longwood University alum, with a traumatic brain injury having previously worked in the Therapeutic Recreation field with the elderly at nursing homes in Fairfax, VA. Now as a TBI advocate, trying to help others learn more about TBIs is involved in support groups, as well as very involved in my church, child care, and working part-time at a library
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