why worry?

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So what? Can we change anything that will happen from happening?  Even the most bizarre things, why would you upset yourself if say, a meteor were to come crashing down on your head?  OK- maybe that is fairly unlikely to happen.  But even if something was more likely to happen, specifically to you because of some prior events that happen (I was in a car accident and have a traumatic brain injury) why worry what COULD happen, and concentrate on the worst case scenario in your head? Maybe it will, maybe it won’t… if we can’t change what will happen, why worry?

Give you entire  attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow.  God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.
Matthew 6:34  (MSG)

This quote is still applicable even if you are not extremely interested in the Bible, it does have a very good point.  For people with other beliefs ‘God’ can be substituted with ‘whatever’.

Individuals with a traumatic Brain Injury are more likely, as says the Alzheimer’s association of America, to acquire dementia later in life.
Does every hit to the head lead to dementia?

Not everyone who experiences a head injury develops dementia. There’s no evidence that a single mild traumatic brain injury increases dementia risk. More research is needed to confirm the possible link between brain injury and dementia and to understand why moderate, severe and repeated mild traumatic brain injuries may increase risk. ”

Risk…not a guarantee.  I was totally unconscious for 5 weeks, and in a more conscious stage of a coma on the Glasgow Coma Scale for more than another month.  So ya, I have a very severe case of a TBI, [head injuries are considered severe if a person is unconscious for more than 72 hours] but do I let that worry me?  Not anymore.  It did worry me severely the first 10 years since the accident (hehe) but I’ve learned to let it go, because why worry?  [And anyway, my Mom has told me REPETITIVELY during the countless times that I’ve communicated my concern to her, that by keeping an active mind, by reading, crossword puzzles or whatever, that DEcreases the chance of acquiring dementia; she must have read that somewhere]…see my MINDFULNESS post to get more info about states of mind

So yes, I’ve been through this too- but I take some great advice from Bobby McFerrin in every life we have some trouble, when we worry we make it double; DON’T WORRY- BE HAPPY!


Here is a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don’t worry be happy
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don’t worry, be happy……

Ain’t got no place to lay your head
Somebody came and took your bed
Don’t worry, be happy
The land lord say your rent is late
He may have to litigate
Don’t worry, be happy
Look at me I am happy
Don’t worry, be happy
Here I give you my phone number
When you worry call me
I make you happy
Don’t worry, be happy
Ain’t got no cash, ain’t got no style
Ain’t got not girl to make you smile
But don’t worry be happy
Cause when you worry
Your face will frown
And that will bring everybody down
So don’t worry, be happy (now)…..

There is this little song I wrote
I hope you learn it note for note
Like good little children
Don’t worry, be happy
Listen to what I say
In your life expect some trouble
But when you worry
You make it double
Don’t worry, be happy……
Don’t worry don’t do it, be happy
Put a smile on your face
Don’t bring everybody down like this
Don’t worry, it will soon past
Whatever it is
Don’t worry, be happy

– See more at: http://www.zacksplaylist.com/bobby-mcferrin-dont-worry-be-happy-review/#sthash.1LWQzfhD.dpuf

About Danielle!

A young professional Longwood University alum, with a traumatic brain injury having previously worked in the Therapeutic Recreation field with the elderly at nursing homes in Fairfax, VA. Now as a TBI advocate, trying to help others learn more about TBIs is involved in support groups, as well as very involved in my church, child care, and working part-time at a library
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