Gulp Gulp Guuulllpppp

#writing 101, Assignment 13         Compose a series of vignettes
Wow, I guess I never learned the definition of that SAT word, because I had no idea what this was even talking about.
However, I learned much about this topic in college.

My composition is liquid.
My ingredients have long names like ‘Potassium Benzoate’ and ‘Sodium Citrate’.
My bubbles are swimming around freely and are very abundant.
My texture when spilt on the table is sticky.
My liquid is not the healthiest drink in the world; but some do contain fruit juice.
My ingredients are very high in sugar content.
I am a beverage called soda.

My caffeine keeps college kids up late at night to study for tests.
My drink has more of a caffeine content than most drinks.
My color is neon green.
My taste is sweet, like lemon-limey.
My aluminum can has lightning bolts on the side.
I am a soda called Mountain Dew (Danielle’s favorite, and in college kept her awake to do homework)

My color is brown.
My name is a shortened from the original because it is on a diet.
My original name is a hyphenated 4 syllable word.
My name brand came out in the 1950’s and is a common type of drink.
I am a soda called Diet Coke.

My color is deep brown.
I was originally used for medicinal purposes.
My name is normally reserved for people with a high level of education.
I will keep you up at night.
I am a soda called Dr. Pepper.

My color is a beige-ish color.
I am given to people who get nauseous.
I am bubbly.
I can make you sleepy and feel much better.
I come in a form that has anti-oxidants from green tea.
I am Canada Dry’s Ginger Ale (green tea ginger ale).

I am  a carbonated beverage called soda.


About Danielle!

A young professional Longwood University alum, with a traumatic brain injury having previously worked in the Therapeutic Recreation field with the elderly at nursing homes in Fairfax, VA. Now as a TBI advocate, trying to help others learn more about TBIs is involved in support groups, as well as very involved in my church, child care, and working part-time at a library
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4 Responses to Gulp Gulp Guuulllpppp

  1. Annie says:

    This is so entertaining! I didn’t know Dr Pepper was meant to be used for medicinal purposes.
    Great post! 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    This was fun and educational ( I didn’t know Dr. Pepper was used for medicinal purposes). Can’t get better than that!

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