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Chilly Penguins

HAPPY ASH WEDNESDAY!! It is the beginning of Lent. And yes, it is another snow day for many schools around the Northern VA area.  [2/18/2015]  Since FCPS is out, that means that even my church will not have Ash Wednesday … Continue reading

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Today is THANKFUL THURSDAY, and I am thankful (especially tonight; the coldest night of the season) for our comfy cozy warm townhouse!  As my husband and I have before gone into D.C. to help out with McKenna’s wagon [Matt MUCH … Continue reading

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Gratitude unlocks fullness of life

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. Melody Beattie Thankful Thursdays are back! This week, I am thankful for SNOW!! It’s winter, it has been cold enough out there for it to … Continue reading

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This little doggie stands on the only safe dry spots before the water flows down the stream carrying the beautiful fall colors with it…     …Now who bets he makes it all across to the other side??     … Continue reading

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HOME SWEET HOME What can be better than ending the day in front of your nice warm home? Being surrounding by the people you love! Why not have both, like our sweet dog Chazzy!

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crossed wires

Communication abilities (dogs, babies and old people) A baby can incoherently babble, and a dog can growl or nip, but don’t speak the same language.  An old person afflicted with dementia are sometimes beyond the power of speaking, and unable … Continue reading

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They. Are. Back.  Yes, I thought that it was over this year, but no.  We got a new fence, so I thought that put an ending to furry creatures getting into our backyard, but no; they found a way. To … Continue reading

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The joy of being lost in the woods

In Burke, there are these wonderful trails, throughout all the neighborhoods!  I don’t stray far from home, but today me and Chazz got lost.  I couldn’t even recall the last place I recognized but before I knew it, we were … Continue reading

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A Purpose in Life

Recovering from suffering is not like recovering from a disease. Many people don’t come out healed; they come out different. -‘What Suffering Does’ by David Brooks (Opinion column in New York Times) April 7, 2014 In life, there are many … Continue reading

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